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Eric Herboso
1 July 1981
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Some things you should know about me:

Some links you may find interesting:
  • A few of my major online services accounts include...
    • ...My Flickr Account, which includes pictures of me, my friends, surroundings, and general cool pictures I'm interested in.
    • ...My Wikipedia User Page, which I not only use to organize my online information in a central location, but also use for keeping wiki articles I'm interested in fully up-to-date.
    • ...My OKCupid Account, which, despite outward appearances, is not just a 'dating site', but is an interesting algorithmic system for finding like-minded souls. (Plus the quizzes are interesting.)
    • ...My Last.fm Account, an awesome site where you can listen to all of my favorite music.
    • ...My MySpace Account, which I really shouldn't use, but feel like I have to for various odd reasons.
  • And I highly recommend that you check out...
    • ...Democracy NOW!, the best daily news available in today's world. It's not only unconnected to big media, but it gives in-depth reporting to all major issues of the day worldwide. HIGHLY recommended.
    • ...The Skeptic's Dictionary. Anytime you hear about anything at all that doesn't seem quite right, check SkepDic--it's the best source for filtering through crap on the 'net.